About Concept

eBay Listing/Product Listing Services

Listers has been offering eBay listing services, and product listing ready to use for Ebay and other online market place and we have extensive experience working with a variety of clients from different verticals, including Jewellery, but not limited to, sports, electronic items, apparel, luxury watches, home accessories, ceiling fans, electric lights, and more. Our experienced and superbly trained eBay Listing Specialists are available to assist you 24/7, and we are experts at using eBay listing software.

We are also providing sellers a unique platform to sell products online on different marketplace including Ebay, Amazon etc.

Millions of product listing on our portal for rent out to sellers to sell on their seller accounts. Sellers need not inventory any products with them. Just hire products from our portal on very nominal rent amount and upload on their seller account to sell.